• Ability Scores are generated via 5d6 best 3 as detailed on pg. 16 of the PF Core Rulebook
  • All classes on the PRD are playable with the exception of Mythic, and Unchained Classe
  • Other Paizo classes may be permissibile¬† if you own the source book(either a PDF copy or physical copy.)
  • Pathfinder Core races and the featured races are playable.(with a few exceptions, ask the GM if you want to play something outside the normal variety)
  • Each character may choose up to 2 traits(Paizo-sourced).
  • Each player gets starting 150 gp to spend on equipment regardless of class, plus one masterwork arm, armor or other item with a base price of less than 100 before the masterwork price addition(for this purpose 2 masterwork daggers count as 1 item)
  • Evil alignments and characters are not permitted.

Sample Character

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